We are experiencing a large increase in the pet population. While we are still trying to see new clients for appointments, due to limited staffing and Veterinarian availability priority will be given to our current clientele.
We ask for your understanding as we only have so many appointments in the day that we are able to accommodate, while we want to be able to offer assistance to everyone who calls, we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our care to do so.

Please be aware that in some cases your pet will be referred to the Emergency Hospital or you will be advised to contact other Veterinary Clinics in the area.

New Clients/Pets will be placed on a waitlist under the discretion of our veterinarians.

Thank you so much for your continued support and understanding.

May 24th Update:

We are starting our gradual reopening of our clinic doors. Please understand that appointments may take a little longer as we will have to sanitize between each in person appointment. Along with our gradual reopening we will now be accepting Cash, however, Debit, Credit Card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or E Transfer is preferred.

Please be aware our doors will still be locked as we navigate in person appointments. As our clinic is quite small it is easier for our staff to be able to manage. Medication and Food pick ups will still be curbside.

For New Clients you are able to download our new client form and print that off to fill out prior to your arrival to assist with the flow of the appointment.

How In Person Appointments will work:

· Please call when you arrive to your appointment

· Covid Screening Must be completed before any In Person Appointments

· MASKS ARE MANDATORY for In Person Appointments

· Stay in the exam room that you are brought into

· Payment will be completed in the exam room

· Only 1 Adult with a pet, sorry no children.

· Rechecks, Nail Trims, Snap 4Dx Testing, Surgery Drop Offs are still curbside

If you would prefer your appointment to be curbside drop off please inform our staff members. We encourage all healthy visits to remain curbside at this time; however, we can accommodate 1 MASKED adult in the room with a patient.

We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards our staff members and if you are not following our instructions for in person appointments you will be asked to leave.

*If you have recently travelled out of the country or you are unwell your appointment will be curbside only.

Information For Curbside Appointments

We are able to see pets for regular appointments, sickness, injury and surgeries but we will be admitting them to the hospital for appointments from the parking lot. We ask that you wait in your vehicle onsite for the doctor to call you on your cell phone so they can go over things with you before moving ahead with any treatments. Please note our door is still closed to the public.

Make sure your pet is coming into the clinic in either a secure carrier or on leash. This is a safety issue for your pet if they happened to get loose in the parking lot. We ask that cats come in a carrier to their appointment.

If you have booked an appointment please give us a call from your car when you arrive at (519) 895-8883 and we will meet you outside to bring your companion into the clinic. Masks must be worn anytime you are conversing in person with one of our staff members.

If you require food or medications for your pet, please call us from your vehicle and we can bring these items to your car, or visit our webstore to arrange free shipping of your pet’s favourite foods directly to your home for orders over $75.

Please check our Facebook page for further updates.