We are still experiencing an increase in the pet population. While we are accepting new clients for appointments, due to limited staffing and Veterinarian availability, priority will be given on a case-to-case basis.
We ask for your understanding as we only have so many appointments in the day that we are able to appropriately accommodate. Although we want to be able to offer assistance to everyone who calls, we do not want to sacrifice the quality of our care to do so.

Please be aware that in some cases your pet will be referred to the Emergency Hospital or you will be advised to contact other Veterinary Clinics in the area.

Thank you so much for your continued support and understanding.


As part of our gradual reopening, we will allow up to two (2) adults with their pet(s) in an exam room for appointments. For Safety Purposes, we will be keeping our doors locked until 1pm Monday-Friday so we ask that you call upon arrival for either appointments, or food/medication pick-up before this time; our doors will be unlocked after 1pm Monday-Friday and Saturdays. We continue to operate within advertised hours.

All Dogs must be presented on a Secure Leash, and all Cats and Rodents (or small dogs if you wish) must be in a Secure Carrier. This is crucial not only for pet safety, but for clients and staff as well.

Masks will not be mandatory for Clients but for Staff comfort, we are highly recommending you wear one; we do encourage you to bring your own but masks will be provided in-office. If you feel unwell, you will be asked to wear one. Be aware that all Staff and Doctors will be masked throughout all interactions with the public.

If your pet is highly excitable or nervous, please contact us once you arrive to ensure we can accommodate easy access to our reception area and to the exam room.

For New Clients you are able to download our new client form to either print off and fill out or email back to us prior to your arrival to assist with the flow of the appointment, otherwise we will provide you with one at the time of your scheduled appointment.

*Based on COVID-19 outbreaks reported in the region, we may change our policy accordingly and we will provide public updates.*

If you would prefer your appointment to be curbside, please inform our staff members and we can accommodate.

We will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards our staff members and if you are not following our policy, you will be asked to leave.

If you require food or medications for your pet, please call us in advance to ensure we have the product in stock, to allow us enough time to order it, or visit our webstore to arrange free shipping of your pet’s favourite foods directly to your home for orders over $75.

Please check our Facebook page for further updates.